Extraordinary Telugu e-books These Telugu books  show us the greatness of life that lies within each one of us.
 They remind us of who we are and who we can be.
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How do you associate yourself with the pleasant moments of marriage of your close relatives/friends? It may not be possible to you to personally attend the marriage function. Yet how can you express your feelings to them that you care a lot for them? Very simple! Send them a significant marriage gift of three books related to marital life. They will have a lasting value and indelible influence over the newlywed couple. They are Anyonya Dampatyam, Pillalni Pratibhavantuluga Penchadamela? , and Premanubhavam. They will be packed with an excellent gift wrapper and sent through a special courier to the venue of marriage or to the house of bride/bridegroom as you advise. This gift pack also carries your personalized greeting card to the new couple with your name printed on it. All this costs you just Rs.1000/-. If you intend to send all the 10 books as significant gift to the newlywed, it costs you just  Rs.1500/-

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