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Prajala Manifesto  
Prajala Manifesto (People’s Manifesto)  
This book is considered as a guide by all major political parties in Andhra Pradesh. It explains how to improve and modernize governance, how devolution of powers should take place, how to eradicate illiteracy and poverty from our land, how to improve the living standards of people and many important aspects of everyday life. This book presents a comprehensive coverage of our political system and innovative ideas to transform it to the best advantage of all stake holders. This book presents altogether a new perspective and makes very interest reading.
Maanava Charitra Manaku Nerpe Gunapathalemiti?
(Lessons of History)
This booklet is adopted from Will Durant’s great work ‘Lessons of History’. It presents a overview of thousands of years of human history and the lessons we have to learn from it. It makes shocking conclusions, appalling decisions, and most positive inferences. Almost all readers who read this booklet conclude that it gives a memorable reading.
  Maanava Charitra Manaku Nerpe Gunapathalemiti?
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Antarangika Samasyalu – Samadhanalu (Intimate Problems & Solutions)  
Most of us have many intimate problems which we usually do not share with anyone. These problems are generally pertaining to love and sex problems, financial troubles, relationship issues, workplace problems, educational problems, business complications, and the difficulties related to bringing up children. Many personal problems of hundreds of men and women from all walks of life and enlightening, informative and instructive answers present life time experience. This book gives a pleasant and curious reading.
Vruddhapyanni Jayinchadamela? (How to win over the old age?)  
This book gives complete information of how to make old age as golden age and take advantage of all the experience and personal relations to the best advantage. This book gives vivid examples of how many people made great achievements in the late age and the secrets behind it. How to change the outlook and how positive attitude helps to overcome all problems related to old age. This is a real handbook to the persons who are crossing middle age.
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